Year 1

Year 1 

Mrs Finn (Monday - Wednesday), Mrs Pike (Thursday and Friday) and Mrs Hart 

Mrs Finn:

Mrs Pike:

Strike it out!

We played 'strike it out'. The children used so many different maths skills to play this game. First of all they watched a video of the game to try to work out what the rules were and wrote their own set of rules for the class to follow. They demonstrated their understanding of addition and subtraction, we talked about the structure of a numberline, they then used the numberline to add and subtract and they recorded number sentences. Well done year 1!

Maths - quartering shapes and investigating how to make equal groups.

Plant creations

The children have demonstrated their knowledge of plants by creating and labelling their own plants this week.

Finding quarter of a quantity

The children have been practising finding a quarter of a quantity this week. They used objects to work out which numbers could be quartered and which couldn't.


Today year 1 learned that trees are plants too! They identified different trees by looking closely at their leaves, made bark rubbings, determined how old the trees were by measuring around their trunks and collected a range of leaves. 

Year 1 Botanists

The children have been observing closely this week. They used magnifying glasses to study the different parts of a plant and then made an observation drawing. Labels were added for the key parts of plant that the children have been learning.

We Will Rock You!

The children have learnt a dance as part of our PE learning. They have worked really hard to learn and master the different moves. Please follow the link below to watch a video of their performance.

What make some places sacred?

The children have been learning about the church and synagogue, special sacred places for Christians and Jewish people. Arjun also shared information about his temple, a special sacred place for Hindus. Reverend Martin kindly invited us to St Nicholas church to explore different artefacts found in the church.

Hill Farm walk

Year 1 walked to Hill Farm this week to look for signs of Spring. The children found plenty!

Do bigger hands hold more sweets?

The children planned and carried out an investigation to find out the answer to Mrs Pike's question. They collected data from the year 1 children and then recorded their results as a block graph. Afterwards they used question makers to pose their own questions about the world around them.

Wet forest school! We made 'God eyes' inside. What a lot of perseverance we saw.

Cooking - we made cookies!

Cooking - we made sausage rolls and they were delicious.

Forest School - we finished our tree cookies and played 'Meet a Tree'.

Learning celebration

We had a great afternoon investigating which is the best material to make an astronappy from. A big thank you to all the parents and carers who came in to help us. We're not sure who enjoyed the game of headbands more, the children or the adults?!


We have been working in groups to create UK landmarks with our bodies. Can you guess which landmarks we're making?

Cookery - we made cookies in our cookery Master Class.

RE Day

What does it mean to belong to a faith community?

Materials sorting

This week we sorted materials according to their physical properties.

What a pleasure to take our Year One class to The Motor Museum. We had great fun, learnt so much and the children were brilliant.

Year 1 art. Watercolour colour mixing

PERSEVERANCE assembly - We introduced this half term's value of perseverance. We taught the other children the story of Nehemiah and the wall and watched examples of perseverance in clips of Finding Nemo.

RE Day

Our big question today was 'who is Jewish and what do they believe?'

A Victorian Christmas

The children have had a wonderful day learning about what life was like 150 years ago and taking part in some Victorian Christmas traditions. 

3D Shape

Year 1 have been exploring 3D shapes this week. The children have been identifying them, building with them and sorting them.

Fire Safety Visit

Year 1 had a visit from Warwickshire Fire and Rescue Service. The children learnt all about fire safety and enjoyed practising their 'stop, drop and roll'. 

Playdough People

To complete our science learning about Humans, the children each created a playdough person and spoke about the body parts they had made and what we use each body part for. Everyone enjoyed getting creative and was able to speak confidently about the human body and our five senses.

Year one had a crime scene after a visit from Goldilocks. The naughty girl broke a chair, so we wrote wanted posters! Look out!!

Why is Christmas important to Christians?

Year 1 have been finding out why Christmas is important for Christians. We learned that Christians celebrate the birth of baby Jesus at Christmas time and that they believe he was the Son of God on Earth -  a very special baby. 

Learning Celebration - thank you to all the parents for their help supporting the children to make their pull along toy.

What is Year 1's favourite smell?

The children have been testing out their sense of smell and collecting data to answer this question. 

Number bonds

The children have been working in an organised and systematic way to find number bonds this week.

Trackpad practise

We have been developing our skill using the trackpad/mouse by creating pictures on the computer.


In our science we have been learning about our 5 senses. We used our senses to explore our new reflection garden. We recorded and described all of the things we could see, hear, smell and touch.

Verbs - we've been learning what a verb is and how to add 'ing' to a verb.


We have been talking about changes the children have noticed now that we're moving into Autumn. This week we shared the story of 'Leaf Man' and the children made their own Autumn leaf creations. Can you tell what they are?


In computing we've learnt that technology is something made by people to help us. We went on a hunt to identify technology in our classroom. This week we've looked closely at computers and practised using the mouse/trackpad to select and move things.

National Fitness Day and Youth Sport Trust - 10 minutes of activity at 10am - 10@10

Perseverance - understanding the bible story of perseverance by rebuilding Nehemiah's wall in Jerusalem. We also showed perseverance using dominoes!

Maths - sorting by setting our own criteria. Can you guess how we sorted the cubes?


In our science lessons we have been naming, identifying and labelling the different parts of the human body.

What do Christians believe God is like?

We spent our first RE day of the year finding out what Christians believe God is like. We shared the story of the Lost Son and learned that Christians believe God is loving and forgiving, just like our parents.

PE - For the first half term PE will be on Tuesday and Friday. Please ensure your child has a full PE kit including a t-shirt, shorts, jogging bottoms, a long sleeved top and trainers/plimsolls. Please ensure that all items are labelled with your child’s name. We will send PE kits home for a wash at the end of each half term, unless it gets especially grubby before that.



  • Reading. Your child will bring home 2 reading books each week, one from our reading scheme and another chosen from our class library. Please support your child to read these, and other books, daily and record it in their reading diary. Details of what they’ve read and a signature will be sufficient but please feel free to add a comment if you’d like. We would also encourage 'book talk' at home - discussing the plot of the story, the characters, your child's favourite part of the book, making predictions about what they think might happen next.
  • Phonics. Your child will soon be bringing home a phonics homework book which will include activities to help your child practise the phonics skills we are working on at school. New activities will be added and sent home each Friday. Please support your child to complete the activities at home and return the book to school on the following Thursday.

Welcome to Year One!

What a wonderful start to the new academic year with the sun shining and a class full of smiling faces. We are extremely proud of how well every child came into class this morning and with such a positive attitude. We had a busy day getting to know the daily routine, finding where all the resources are, understanding expectations and taking part in lots of fun learning activities. We are already impressed with their reading and writing skills!


If you have any queries or concerns please do not hesitate to speak with one of us after school or use the email addresses found above. 


Radford Semele C of E Primary School is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people. We expect all staff, volunteers and parents to share this commitment.