Geography is taught as part of our theme curriculum and forms a central focus for many of our units. In our geography lessons, we provide a purposeful means for exploring, appreciating and understanding the world in which we live and how it has evolved. Geography explores the relationship between the Earth and its people through the study of place, space and environment. In our geography curriculum we have ensured a focus upon our children’s local area, for example in our Year 1 unit ‘Myself and My Home’, whilst also becoming aware of and developing knowledge and understanding of the world beyond their own environment, for example studying Mumbai in India in our Year 2 unit ‘Around the World’ due to the high proportion of families of Indian heritage in our home town of Leamington Spa.

Geography encourages children to learn through experience, particularly through practical and fieldwork activities.  We believe it is important to build a geographical curriculum that endorses the importance for outdoor learning to build a curiosity for learning to help them to know more, remember more and understand more. We incorporate this within our geography curriculum by planning opportunities to use the school grounds, local environment and going further afield to conduct geographical fieldwork.


Geography overview

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