Collective Worship Team

Collective Worship Team 2023-24

Our Collective Worship Team are responsible for a range of different things - planning and delivering acts of collective worship, evaluating the worship in school, planning and maintaining creative prayer areas, taking part in faith conferences...

Faith Conference

On Friday 15th March, we had a great time hosting the first Faith Conference of the year! We invited children and teachers from St Margaret's and Bishop's Tachbrook to take part in a morning of activities exploring 'Spirituality'. We spent time out in nature, thinking about our thoughts and emotions, completing an act of kindness and answering some big philosophical questions.

Prayer and Reflection Area 

The Collective Worship Team have changed the display. They have introduced the prayer fish to the whole school during collective worship.


Christmas Tree Festival

The Collective Worship Team created a Christmas tree to represent our school at the St Nicholas Christmas Tree Festival. They made baubles that show our school vision, values and Bible stories. The team went down to church to put up their tree. 

Prayer and Reflection Area


Our new Collective Worship Team have designed and set up our new prayer and reflection area. They introduced this to the whole school during collective worship. They reminded everyone about the different types of prayers. 

Collective Worship Team 2022-23


Faith Conference: What is prayer?

We had a brilliant time at Bishop's Tachbrook on Tuesday 20th June finding out all about prayer. We unpicked different parts of the Lord's prayer and created artwork to represent the meaning behind the prayer. We found out about different names for God and created bubble art. We thought about different sins people may commit and nailed these to a cross to represent Jesus' sacrifice. Finally, we created our own artwork to build a wall of Bible verses. Well done to the Collective Worship Team for their wonderful ideas and great creativity!


Today we led Collective Worship all about Pentecost. We showed pictures and told the story. We explained when Pentecost is celebrated and what the symbols of Pentecost are. We hope everyone enjoyed it!

Faith Conference: What is the Big Story of the Bible?

On Friday 21st April, our Collective Worship Team welcomed children from Bishop's Tachbrook and St Margaret's to our school for our Faith Conference! We had a brilliant day unpicking a piece of artwork called 'The Big Frieze' and finding out about the big story of the Bible! 

Prayer and Reflection Area

At the start of the Spring Term, the Collective Worship Team introduced our new 'Prayer and Reflection Area' to the rest of the school. This area is a safe, quiet space to allow everyone in school to write a prayer or reflection. It has been lovely to see lots of children accessing this area at break and lunch times. 

Remembrance Day

Collective Worship Team spoke to the whole school about Remembrance Day and poppies. They explained that they would be selling poppies and other related merchandise. The children organised the sale and even had to construct the paper poppies first! 

Working with other schools

On Thursday 3rd November, Collective Worship Team lead our worship to talk to us all about faith! Before half term, the team joined other children from Bishops Tachbrook CE Primary and St Margaret's CE Junior Schools to discuss the meaning of faith. They worked together to make pieces of art, which they shared with everyone in collective worship. Great work everyone!

March 2020


Collective Worship Group have spent the last few weeks discussing what humility means and how we can show this in our daily lives. They worked together to act out the story of The Smartest Giant in Town. 
They then shared a film which showed the Bible story of The Pharisee and the Tax Collector. They explained what this meant. 
The children used the letters in the word humility to come up with ideas for how we should show humility in our daily lives.

February 2020


Our new collective worship team led their first collective worship today. It was based on the Christian celebration of Candlemas. The team worked together to produce a dramatisation of the events of this Bible story. They discussed the reason behind the use of candles in church today, and wrote a prayer that reflected this. 

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