Music is taught discretely through a weekly music lesson. Across the year, each class will work through 4 units from the Charanga Musical School scheme. In addition to this, as part of Masterclass all KS1 and KS2 classes will have whole class instrument tuition for half a term, taught by a specialist music teacher.

Each unit of work from Charanga Musical School covers the following strands of musical learning from the national curriculum for music:

• Listening and appraising

• Musical activities including singing, playing instruments, improvising and composing

• Performing and sharing

The Charanga units that we deliver at Radford Semele ensure that all children have the opportunity to listen to, enjoy and appreciate a wide range of different genres of Music, for example Year 5 learn about old-school hip hop in their ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’ unit, Year 3 learn about reggae in their ‘Three Little Birds’ unit and Year 6 learn about pop music in their ‘Happy’ unit.

Music Knowledge Organisers

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