Physical Education (PE)


PE is an important part of our curriculum and gives children the opportunity to learn about how to take care of themselves and stay healthy. Children across the school take part in a range of activities, including dance, ball skills, invasion games and gymnastics, as well as joining in with units that will help them to develop their general fitness and stamina. The scheme that we use within our school means that these units are taught yearly, providing children with a progressive curriculum and the opportunity to develop their abilities throughout their time at Radford Semele C of E Primary School. Each year, children build upon their understanding from previous years, developing skills and learning the rules of various games. In Key Stage 1, the children begin with simplified versions of games before moving onto more complex games in Key Stage 2. Children also have the opportunity to learn the vitally important skills of swimming and self-rescue, having lessons as part our of PE curriculum.

Our focus is always to develop a good understanding of fitness and to help the children discover an enjoyable way of staying healthy. Alongside this, we incorporate ideas of good sportsmanship and teamwork, encouraging the children to co-operate with their peers and work together. We also encourage children to compete against themselves, focusing on beating their own personal best and setting their own goals. We use a wide range of resources to ensure that all children are able to access our curriculum and that they can explore ways of keeping healthy.

PE Progression Documents

Radford Semele C of E Primary School is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people. We expect all staff, volunteers and parents to share this commitment.