Forest School

Forest School children's questionnaire February 2023

YEAR TWO - using willow to create a 'Tree Weaving'.

YEAR TWO (Group 2) - Creativity with wild flowers

YEAR TWO - Team building, problem solving and forest fun games.

YEAR TWO - Collecting wildflowers and making a creative picture.

YEAR TWO - Our walk to the canal garden

Year One - indoors making Gods eyes because of the weather!

Year one - completing our tree cookies and playing 'Meet a Tree'.

Children's Forest- Year 6 revisit, February 2024

Year 1 - Sawing tree cookies, hunt the frog, playing games and climbing trees!

Year 6 - making mini teepees indoors because of the wind storms!

Canal side adoption

Here at Radford Semele Primary School, we have an exciting project working with the Canal and Riverside Trust. We have adopted an area of the canal to brighten it up for all the canal side users, attract wildlife and extend the children's education during Forest School sessions.

Year 4 are the first group to be part of this exciting project and have planted 150 spring bulbs. We really hope that you enjoy them and help us to keep the area free from litter and weeds. It is located between the bridge on Off Church Lane and the locks. The fenced bin area will soon be brightened up too with the children's art work. 

Year 6 have begun their canal themed art work which will be painted on marin plywood and displayed near our adopted area of the canal.

Year Four planting spring bulbs by the canal. We also camouflaged a hedgehog house and learnt about the local wildlife.

Year four - being creative making decorations!

year 3, group 2 - using the drills and knives to complete their fairy houses. The children demonstrated great creativity, perseverance and generoisty.

Year 3 - using the drills and whittling the windows and doors of our fairy houses.

Year 3, group 1. We used the bow saw to cut a piece off a branch to make our fairy house

Year 3, group 1 - The finished fairy houses. /we used saws, drills, knives and finally paint.

Year 3 - using the bow saw and making God Eyes inside because it was SO windy!

Year 3, team building games

Year 5 - games, knots and ladders!

Year 5 - using knot skills to make dens and swings. Using tools to make tree cookies

Year 5 - completing the ladders then using them to see inside the bird boxes

Year 1 - scavenger hunt, meet a tree, woodland wildlife and using saws and drills to make tree cookies!

year 6 - using knot skills to make tripods and being creative making swings.

year 6 - creativity, responsibility, generosity and perseverance was all evident during den building.

year 6 - learning knots, lots of PERSEVERANCE needed.

Year 6 - teamwork creating minibeasts using their bodies, hilarious!

year 4 - using tools to make a Christmas tree and fire lighting

Forest school y4 - tools, knots and god's eyes

year 4 - using tools, making God eyes and writing names using Viking runes.

Our Forest School sessions are linked to our school values - creativity, perseverance, forgiveness, responsibility, respect and generosity.

Year 3, Autumn 2022. Using tools.

Year 5 - using tools to make Christmas decorations

Year 6 den building

year 4