Forest School

year 4

Year 6, Week 7. Challenges, team work, tools and fire!

clove hitch well and truly mastered!
Yes, they did it!
Challenge achieved.
Team work to make a swing.
knots secure and made a swing.
whittling a toasting fork using the knife.
Safe use of a knife.
Tyler lights the fire successfully.
Toasting marshmallows, yummy.
Teamwork, practising knots to build a den.

Year 6, Week 6. Shelters, weaving, knives, fire and marshmallows!

Well done, mastered the clove hitch.
Weaving, great rhythm.
Fantastic weaving.
Reef knot, remembered and perfected.
Bit and Brace to make our forest sign.
Making a weaved thread.
Always great participation and cooperation.
Whittling a toasting fork.
Using the knife to whittle a stick.
Like a true pro!
Lighting the fire, I think he's done this before.
Marshmallows, yummy!

Year 6, week 5. Excellent knots, amazing dens and natural paints.

A delivery of branches thanks to The Marriots.
Revising knots and attaching to the tarp.
Loop knots sorted!
perfecting the clove hitch.
Den building, determined girls.
Looking good.
Team work.
Tyler has perfected these timber hitches.
Super concentration.
Hot chocolate and biscuits in the dens.
Fabulous den.
Giant tree cookies.
These two were in their element.
So careful, very impressed boys.
painting the tree cookies.
fantastic natural paints (on your white jumper!)
Great effort.
Camping out, bed of leaves, perfect!

Year 6, week 4. Shelter ready and tools out!

Den building to protect us from that rain.
Girls working together to make a peg!
pitching the den
Who is doing all the work??
Time for a biscuit and a hot chocoloate.
A well deserved break.
Giant tree cookie making.
experimenting with natural paints.
splatter painting with natural paints
Enjoying the bow saw.
Great game, move to the clap.

Year 6, week 3. It was a very wet one!

we had a snail race.
meet Baby Turbo, the smallest snail in the world.
Great natural weaving, the snail loves it too.
A fabulous example of natural weaving.
Such brilliant initiative.
Natural weaving.
Talented weaver.
Embracing the rain whilst weaving.
Perseverance despite the weather.
Under the shelter busy creating.
Last week's clove hitch, well remembered!
Learning the timber hitch.

Year 6, week 2. Learning knots and making a frame for natural weaving.

Rock, paper, scissors, SHOOT!
learning a timber hitch.
Working together to square lash.
Demonstrating the clove hitch and square lashing.
Making it all look easy.
Teaching each other the clove hitch.
Proud of their creation, well done.
Great partnership square lashing.

Year 6, Week 1. Exploring the forest, trusting each other and team work.

Finding trust in each other.
Keep supporting each other.
Desperate to start den building.
Making a sculpture.
Finding out how old a tree is.
Measuring the girth of the tree.
beautiful bark rubbings.
Listening to instructions to meet a tree.
Very relaxed with a trustworthy friend.
A brave blindfolded walk to meet a tree.

Year 2 Forest School

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