At Radford Semele, Computing is taught across the school so that children can became safe online users with high levels of digital literacy, as well as applying computational thinking. We aim for our children to become competent users of a variety of technology, able to choose relevant software for a particular purpose and demonstrating an understanding of how technology is used in the world around them. Technology is an integral part of our lives and we want our children to be able to make responsible choices about how they use it as well as the content they access. Our computing curriculum aims to give children opportunities to access a wide range of software in order to become better digital users. It also aims to provide children with an understanding of algorithms and programming, developing their independence and confidence when it comes to computing.




Computing is taught across the school year, with a different unit each half term. These units form part of different strands of teaching that the children follow each year, allowing them to access the three major areas of the subject: Computer Science, Information Technology and Digital Literacy. Our pupils start understanding the basics of how to use technology such as iPads and laptops, as well as working with programmable toys to recognise algorithms. Over the course of their time at Radford Semele C of E Primary School, they develop an understanding of frequently used software such as spreadsheets and presentations, alongside using coding to create their own animations and games. Our Computing curriculum is also often linked to our Theme curriculum or to other areas, providing practical applications for the children and demonstrating its uses. Children will be able to access a variety of digital technology in their lessons, allowing them to recognise the different ways it can be used.


Online safety is a hugely important part of our curriculum, as well as ensuring that children are digitally literate. Throughout the school year, children are taught about how to stay safe online and who they can speak to if they feel unsafe, as well as issues surrounding cyberbullying. They are also taught key parts of the online landscape, such as how to use search engines effectively and how to identify edited images or websites that are not factual. Children develop their understanding of these areas in an age-appropriate way, following eight strands that build through the school.




The impact of our Computing curriculum is measured through different monitoring activities, including lesson observations and pupil voice, in order to ensure there are no gaps in the teaching and that the learning is progressive. Questions and discussions about online safety take place with the children, giving them the opportunity to demonstrate their understanding of how to keep themselves safe and be responsible online users.


"I really enjoy learning about how it all works" Year 3

"It's fun learning to code and seeing what you've made on the screen" Year 6 

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