Year 2

Year 2

Mr Andrews and Mrs Ainsworth

Mr Andrews:

Visit to Mary Arden's Farm - we have had such a lovely day in Stratford-upon-Avon, learning all about the life of William Shakespeare to help us enhance our knowledge and understanding in our current Theme. We went inside Tudor houses, made perfume from lavender and even saw the animals on the farm! A special thank you to Miss Purewal, Mrs Kumari, Mrs Clarke, Heather and Trish for their help and support! We learnt lots of new things too!

Visit from Safety Seymour!

Hello everyone! On Friday 14th July (2:15pm-3:15pm), Year 2 will be having their Learning Event! This time, our focus is on DT. We will be learning about different freestanding structures and how to stack materials to make buildings stronger. We will explore buildings such as The Burj Khalifa in Dubai (currently the world’s tallest building) and the second tallest building, the Shanghai Tower in China. We will be working in groups and with our parents/carers to build the tallest building. 


Please can you send in any materials which could be used to make a tall building (e.g. plastic bottles, card, cardboard boxes, any recycling items etc) by Friday 14th July (am). 

Shakespearean Writing! As part of our brand new Theme ‘Shakespeare’, Y2 started to learn how to write with a feather and pot of ink. We found it tricky (and very messy!) but also very fun. Can you read our awesome writing?

Outdoor Learning Day - Y2 were really excited to take their learning outside to celebrate this special day. We discussed the importance and benefits of outdoor learning and even did some of our maths lesson outside! Here we are practising our position and direction unit, can you spot 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 and full turn?

Forest school fun! Y2 have been so lucky as part of masterclass to work with Mrs Finn and Mrs Ainsworth on their forest school skills. Have a look at their wonderful work below!

Well done to Rocksteady for putting on an amazing concert - it was so lovely to see Isla and Bailey-May showing their hard work from their music sessions over the last few months!

India Day! Y2 loved taking part in India Day, we explored some beautiful Indian artefacts, did some face painting based on some of the Indian Gods and even got to make some coconut ladoos! Thank you to Avtar for such a fun day and for our collective worship.

RE Day - We loved learning about Easter and why is it so important to Christians. We talked about Holy Week, the Easter story, salvation and resurrection.

World Book Day - Thank you to Mrs Lyatt for organising a fabulous World Book Day! We had so much fun thinking about 'The Word Collector' and doing so many fun activities, and of course, dressing up as a word! Can you guess what words Mrs Ainsworth and Mr Andrews are?