Mrs Gott (Monday-Tuesday), Miss Hanton (Wednesday-Friday) and Mrs Bowen

Mrs Gott: 

Miss Hanton:

Song of Sounds Phonics

A parent guide can be found by copying and pasting the link, you will find useful information explaining what phonics is, how we teach it in Reception and how you can help at home.

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Pirate Day!

Our pirate day was lots of fun. We walked the plank, climbed the rigging, hunted for gold coins in the sand, played pin the patch on the pirate, solved clues to find the treasure, and even did a water squirter relay! 

Our Learning Celebration

We all enjoyed the challenge during our learning celebration. We worked with a grown up to create a boat that could float. We tested different materials and tried to include different features of a boat - sails, propellers, buoyancy aids etc... We then tried to add passengers to see if our boats would still float. We all had lots of fun! 

Cool Critters 

We absolutely loved our visit from Phil at Cool Critters. He brought lots of different animals for us to discover. We learnt lots of information about leopard geckos, Albino land snails, Mexican red knee tarantulas, tree frogs, tortoises, bearded dragons, royal pythons and skinks! We handled lots of the animals - some of us had to be very brave!

What do grown ups do all day?

We have been finding out what grown ups do all day. We have been lucky to have lots of different visitors who have shared what they do. We have been on some visits too. 


We all thoroughly enjoyed our work on the book Supertato. We made our own supertatoes and created wanted posters to try and find the evil pea. We went on a hunt with Supertato - and found the evil pea!

We're Going on a Bear Hunt!

Our story this week is "We're Going on a Bear Hunt", we loved going on a bear hunt in our garden!

Investigation Station

Reception really enjoy our investigations each week in our Investigation station

Funky Fingers

Three times a week, we are starting our afternoon session with a carousel of Funky Fingers activities. These are designed to help us with our fine motor skills - especially our pencil grip and control. We have been very impressed with their perseverance as some of the activities are very fiddly! 

Our Nativity 

The children wrote our Nativity play and absolutely loved sharing it with their families. We hope they enjoyed it as much as we did. 

Anti-Bullying Week

Lots of us wore odd socks for the start of anti-bullying week. We focused on the importance of kindness and what this looks like in our class. We talked about who can help us if someone is unkind to us or to our friends. We played a really fun game with some odd socks!  

Homes and Houses

We have been thinking about different homes and houses. We went on a walk around our village to look at the different buildings. We created our own houses in the workshop and these are now on display. 

Athlete Visit

We all enjoyed the visit from Amy Smith - a former Olympic sprint swimmer. We all took part in a fun circuit session in the hall. We did four different exercises and Year 1 cheered us on. 

Phoneme Hunt

Today we explored our school looking for hidden stars. The stars had pictures of objects on them - some of the objects started with our new phoneme 's' and some of them had different initial sounds. Everyone enjoyed spotting the stars. We said the name of the object and listened carefully to identify which phoneme it started with. If it was an 's' phoneme then we all had a go at recording the grapheme 's' on our clipboards.  

Sharing Stories

We are enjoying sharing lots of stories together. To help us choose which story to read at storytime, we have a choice of two books each day. We use our voting tops to vote for the story we would like to listen to. We count up the votes at the end of the day to see which book we will read. 


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