Year 5

Welcome to Year 5

Mrs Anwar (, Mrs Blackwell (, Mrs Ainsworth and Mrs Kumari

Monday was our RE day.  We were thinking about the question 'What kind of a king is Jesus'.  We rewrote 'The Lord's Prayer' in simple language and read parables about the kingdom of God.  We updated the parables with our own ideas and acted the stories out.  

RE Day Drama!

Festive Fun! Christmas Lunch and Christingles

Rainforest Art

Learning Celebration 24.11.21


We had a lovely morning welcoming parents/carers back into school for our learning celebration. We shared what we have been learning this term, worked with our parents/carers to make Maya headdresses which we had designed earlier, looked through our theme books together and finally enjoyed a very 'competitive' Kahoot quiz about rainforests. Thank you for coming. We had a great morning!

Our finished Maya headdresses from the learning celebration

D.T - making  a delicious chilli

Space Centre Trip - 8th November

Year 5 had a fantastic day at The Space Centre on Monday 8th November.  We visited the planetarium and explored all the interactive exhibits.  We learned so much!

2.11.21 - Masterclass afternoon

D.T - Cooking Mexican brownies


11.10.21 - Science

We created 'Pocket Solar Systems' to help understand the order of the planets and where they lie in relation to each other.

 World Mental Health Day 8.10.21


We discussed what mental health is and watched a video about what happens to our brain when we feel different emotions.


We enjoyed doing yoga laughter (a fake laugh which turns into a proper laugh) to help us all feel happiness.

Science 4th October - Day and Night

We became documentary makers and explained how the rotation of the Earth creates day and night in different parts of the world.  

Orbit Investigation


We wanted to find out why the planets that are further from the sun seem to take the longest to orbit.  We used a model to investigate patterns in the time it takes for planets at different distances to orbit the sun.

We used a ball and string to represent planets.  We measured the string at 20, 40, 60, 80 and 100cm.  We measured how long it takes for the ball to complete ten orbits and work out the average time per orbit. 

Orbit Investigation - 27/09/21

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