Year 4

Welcome to Year 4

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Theme (Polar Regions) - We revised our lines of latitude, climates and biomes

Theme (Polar Regions) - The children learnt about the different climate zones of the world

Science (Sound) - The children investigated how sound is made

Year 4 made their own Viking bread (Birka bread)

Year 4 have been learning about the meaning of the Christingle. The whole class attended a special Christingle Service at Coventry Cathedral.

Year 4 thoroughly enjoyed their day as Vikings or Anglo-Saxons and all of their outfits looked fantastic. The children were extremely lucky to be able to handle replica artefacts such as tools, clothing, weapons and armour which really brought this topic alive.

Science (States of Matter) - By exploring the properties of different objects, the children grouped them as solids, liquids or gases

Science (States of Matter) - The children investigated the melting point of ice and freezing point of water

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