Theme and Writing



This term, our theme is Rivers and Oceans. This week, it would be great if you could start work on your very own research project about an important river or ocean. You can then work on this each week alongside our learning in Geography.


You might like to look at one of these rivers: the Amazon, the Nile or the Ganges. Which countries do they flow through? Where do they start and where do they flow into the sea? What is the geography like of the area? Why are they so important to the people of the different countries?


Maybe you would like to look at one of the oceans of the world and research the different countries that are on that ocean, the wildlife that live in its waters and any other interesting facts that you can find.


Make sure you include lots of pictures and drawings to make your project more interesting!


If you find an area of your research that you find particularly interesting... follow it! This is your project and it would be great if we can share your projects when we all return to school.


Some brilliant places to look for information might be:


BBC Bitesize:


The School Run:


Primary Homework Help:


National Geographic Kids:


 And a wonderful search engine for children called Kiddle:





Plan and write the five paragraphs of a fantasy story about a trip to the underwater kingdom in the picture.


Use the story mountain to plan your story – think about how you are going to get to the kingdom, who you will meet there, what will happen to you when you get there, how you will get back to your normal life. Make sure you describe the setting and the different characters you meet along the way. Can you include speech with speech marks? Make sure your story has an exciting title that will make people want to read it!


Don't forget to read through and edit when you have finished writing.


Can you illustrate your story?

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