This week is a little different as there is a Bank Holiday on Friday to celebrate the 75th anniversary of VE Day. With this in mind, there will be a grammar activity to complete on Monday and a short writing task for either Tuesday or Wednesday. I have also put up spellings and handwriting as usual should you need them. On Thursday, there are a range of activities for you to choose from in the VE Day section of this week's Home Learning - please have a look at the ideas there. 


When a writing task has been completed, encourage your child to edit their work. This involves checking for capital letters and full stops, as well as finger spaces and phonetically plausible spellings. 

We have done some work on using capital letters for the names of people and places as well as at the start of sentences, although the children may need reminding of this. They are familiar with seeing capital letters for days of the week and months, but have not written them before. 

Writing Task

This week, the writing task is not connected to our Theme. Instead, I would like the children to write whatever they want to write about and edit it afterwards. If they want to continue writing about 'Buckets and Spades', they are more than welcome to. In case they get stuck, here are some ideas of things they could write:

  • Instructions on how to build or make something
  • A story about a character they like
  • Some facts and information about something that they're interested in
  • A retelling of a favourite story
  • A description of their house or garden
  • A diary entry about what they've done so far that day
  • A letter to a friend or family member


Encourage them to write at least five sentences and to read it through when they are done, editing any mistakes they may have made (especially looking out for capital letters following the work on proper nouns). 

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