This week, the writing tasks will be continuing to think about Katie Morag stories and will use something called a Story Mountain to retell and plan. A Story Mountain is a way of helping children to think about the structure of their stories - as you can see in the examples below, it starts with 'Beginning' and 'Build-up' before peaking at 'Problem' and finally moving through 'Resolution' and 'Ending'.


I recommend watching the video, but if you're unable to watch it then reading the explanation and looking at the completed Story Mountain is fine. 


Still image for this video

For Writing Task 1, the children will need to complete a Story Mountain for 'Katie Morag and the Two Grandmothers'. I have included a completed Story Mountain for '...Delivers The Mail', so you can see what it looks like for a whole story, as well as filling in the first two boxes for '...Two Grandmothers' to help with getting started. Of course, if they want to work on a completely blank 'Story Mountain' then they are welcome to do so too. 

In Writing Task 2, the children need to plan and write the ending to a new story 'Katie Morag Goes To The Beach' (more details can be found in the document itself). I have started both activities off by filling in the first two boxes for the planning Story Mountain (although the children only need to draw the rest of the plan) and by writing the introduction to the written part of the task, the story itself. Again, if they want to create their own plan and story using the blank versions, that's completely fine - they can come up with any Katie Morag title that they'd like. 
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