This week in Writing, you are going to be taking everything we have learned about Fantasy Stories and creating your own ocean or river fantasy story! You might want to take inspiration from 'Ocean Meets Sky', 'Flotsam' or maybe our VIPERS short film this week. You might have some creative ideas of your own that you would like to develop in a story. When you write, you are going to also be drawing on our Grammar work on direct speech and subordinate clauses.


Watch Ms Brown's short video for her to explain more and for her to show you the Fantasy Story Features Checklist (also below). 


Then, use either the Story Mountain Plan or (if you would like a change) the Story Mapping Boxes to plan your story!


Today, use your plan to write the first 3 paragraphs of your Fantasy Story. Have a look back at the features checklist from yesterday to remind yourself of the features that you are trying to include in your writing. Can you include direct speech that is punctuated correctly? Remember that you can look back at our grammar from last week if you'd like to remind yourself of how do it!


Before you do anything today, read back over what you wrote yesterday and make any corrections, edits or improvements. Then, write the last two paragraphs of your Fantasy Story!


When you have finished, read through the whole story from the start to the end. It is better if you can do this aloud as, that way, it will be easier to spot any mistakes or anything that doesn't make sense. Remember, you can also improve any sentences as you read too!


Finally, you might now want to add an illustration to go with your story.


Today, you are going to self-assess your work. We are going to do it exactly the same way that we do in class, with a checklist and different coloured pencils!


Using the Features Checklist, choose a different coloured pencil for each feature. When you find examples of a feature in your writing, underline it in that colour and then tick it off (with your coloured pencil) from the checklist. Then choose a new colour and look for the next feature! Did you manage to include everything on the checklist?


If you haven't already, share your story with someone in your house. Maybe you can read it aloud to them! 

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