This week, we are going to be enjoying another fantasy story but this one is different... it has no words in it!


It is called 'Flotsam' by David Wiesner. It is the story of a boy who, when collecting flotsam (anything floating that has been washed ashore), stumbles across a barnacle-encrusted underwater camera, with its own secrets to share... and to keep!


Click on the link below to see the video of 'Flotsam'. As you watch, think about what is happening and, if there were words to go with the story, what might they say?


ACTIVITY: Think about 'Ocean Meets Sky' and 'Flotsam'. If you would like to re-watch 'Ocean Meets Sky', the link to the video is below. Which of the two fantasy stories do you prefer and why? Think of at least 4 reasons for your choice. Either write a paragraph explaining your favourite and your reasons OR explain to someone in your house... do they agree with you?


Today, we are thinking about describing the setting of a story. This is something that we practised a lot earlier in the year when we were looking at 'Stone Age Boy'.


ACTIVITY: Re-watch the video of 'Flotsam' from yesterday. Choose one of the settings from the resource sheet below - either the beach setting or under the sea. Collect as many different adjectives, adverbial openers and other words as you can to describe what you can see. Then, use these to write a paragraph describing the setting that you have chosen. Can someone read through your paragraph and picture everything that you can see in the setting in the picture?


When we write stories, it is very important that we describe our characters clearly and with lots of interesting detail.


ACTIVITY: Look at the picture of the boy from 'Flotsam' in the lesson resources. Collect as many ideas as you can to describe him. Think about how he looks and his personality. As there is no writing in the story, you will need to think carefully about what happens in the story and how the boy acts. Write a paragraph describing the character of the boy - try to add lots of description to make your writing interesting for others to read!


Today, you are going to be using your work so far on 'Flotsam' and this week's learning in Grammar about how to write speech to create some speech for yourself.


ACTIVITY: Look at the picture taken from the book below of the boy and his parents at the start of the story. Imagine the conversation that he might have with them at the end of the story, after he has thrown the camera back into the sea, telling them all about his adventures and what he saw in the photographs. Write the dialogue and try to use all the correct features of speech that we have learned about in Grammar this week. Don't forget that you can watch the Grammar video again if it will help you.

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