Year 3 completed home learning

Amazing mask Danny

A magnificent mask Lottie!

Excellent Emma

Wonderful art Thea!

Excellent writing Danny.

Great writing George Gilbert!

Awesome cartoon Lottie!

An outstanding Roman villa Thea

Amazing work Natalie: keep it up!

Great work growing beans Theo!

An amazing week of work Bethany - keep it up!

Fantastic work Emma!

Great work Danny- this is amazing

Well done Jimi!

Brilliant work Sofia

An amazing mosaic Lottie

Fantastic work Xander: keep it up!

Great Work Emma

Excellent work Bethany

Amazing play script Clemmy

Great work on the Romans Vicky!

Aniketh and Akhilesh have finished their villa!

Teddy's presentation on light.

Oscar has finished his Roman villa!

Great work Kai!

Amazing work Lottie!

Katie has completed a brilliant powerpoint on shadows, well done Katie!

Danny has written his new report on the gladiators onto a word document.

Aniketh and Akhilesh have been writing about the Roman chariot races, well done boys!

Teddy has built his Roman villa and finished his report, great effort Teddy!

George G has been working hard this week and has constructed his own Roman villa, fantastic effort George!

Xander has finished his report on Roman gladiators, well done Xander!

Clemmy has conducted an experiment on a homemade volcano!

Emma has done some really interesting work this week, well done Emma!

Xander has built his own Lego Pizza Hut and has provided a tour!

Jimi has finished his report and has worked really hard, fantastic effort Jimi!

Dexter has been working really hard and has conducted his experiment on shadows, well done Dexter!

Katie has finished her writing from last week, well done Katie!

Clemmy has finished her report on the Roman Chariot race, fantastic Clemmy keep it up!

George B, Vicky and Katie all did something different for VE day, well done guys!

Emma has been working really hard this week, well done Emma!

Danny has finished his brilliant report on his chariot race, the hairstyle is just as impressive Danny!

Bethany has completed her news report and has been trying really hard with her reading and spellings!

Katie has completed a project on her visit to Exmoor zoo in the Autumn, well done Katie!

Jimi has been enjoying the Romans topic and has written some brilliant letters, keep it up Jimi!

Lennon has been baking and playing Frisbee, he has also been working really hard on his English and Maths, keep it up Lennon!

Clemmy has been writing poetry this week and has completed a book report on Amelia Fang, which you should all check out if you are looking for something to read, fantastic work Clemmy!

A great dolphins project Bethany!

More great work Xander: keep it up!

Great comprehension work Emma!

Danny's Ancient Rome Work: really well done!

George and his sister Erin have been doing some cooking!

Vicky has been working hard on her letter writing, keep it up Vicky!

Clemency has been practicing her artwork!

Emma has completed work on the Romans, well done Emma!

Natalie has completed some brilliant work on the Romans, well done Natalie!

Dexter has completed a presentation on the Roman Gladiators, fantastic Dexter!

Dexter also says to skip the bit in the video of the people talking!

Katie has completed an amazing power point on the Romans, well done Katie!

Kai has been working on his reading and keeping up with his boxing!

Lucas has been working hard with his Roman Theme!

Xander's Science

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