Week Beginning 8th June

Week Beginning 8th June

Good morning Year One. It's going to be a little bit different this week as some of you will be in school. Mrs Finn and Miss Chuchla are looking forward to teaching you and I am sure you will have a brilliant time with them. For those of you who are staying at home, there are lots of websites and resources you can use to continue your learning.


I've put a link to the summer term overview below so you can see the aims for each subject. BBC Bitesize and Oak Academy are both providing daily lessons across the curriculum - I've put links below as well if you wish to have a look at either of those. There's also a list of useful websites at the top of our class page where you can find plenty more resources, including ebooks. If you would like to follow along with what the children are doing in school, you can do so using the information below but please be aware that these activities are planned for whole classes so you may need to adapt it. Please contact me if you have any questions and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. 


Those of you who are in school will be focusing on PSHE and developing your social skills for the majority of this week. You'll be talking about emotions and thinking about different ways to show affection for the people you care for without hugging. There'll be group activities outside, as well as 30 Days Wild, and a chance to do some artwork. You'll also be recapping some knowledge:

  • Practising measuring in metres and solving reasoning problems e.g. how many people can stand on this line if they have to stand 3m apart? What about 4m? 
  • Answering questions about a story such as predicting what will happen and thinking about how characters are feeling
  • Consolidating your understanding of the signs of summer


You've been asked to write a comment for your report and might struggle to remember some of the things we've done this year, so here are a few reminders! 

  • Break in at the role play kitchen
  • Theatre trip
  • Nativity 
  • Trip to the Leamington Pump Rooms
  • Learning about toys 
  • Science investigations
  • Learning celebrations 
  • Clay models
  • Learning about our local area


If there are any photos you would like to share of something you've done at home, either as your work or as an extra project, please send them in - instead of having daily updates, we'll be having Show and Tell on Friday and I'll upload any work I've been sent then!


Whether you're staying at home or are returning to school, I hope to see you all soon. Stay safe and have fun! 

Pictures from school

Show and Tell from home 

Joshua's done a super job with his weather report - he's thought really carefully about the types of weather he could see! Rosie's also worked on hard on her weather report and has taken a lot of care with her drawings to represent the weather. Millie's written a brilliant seaside postcard. She's done a great job with her handwriting! Elliot has created some amazing artwork in the style of Lowry and has even signed it like the artist! Well done, all of you! 

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