Week Beginning 30th March

30th March

Good morning, Year One! I hope you've all had a great weekend, and are ready to start your second week of the Home Learning Packs - and other exciting activities! Beren's done an amazing job researching the United Kingdom, finding out information about each country and using maps. Tilly's found out some information about Wales too, and has created some beautiful artwork with pastels. Amara has been getting creative with some fab arts and crafts, as well as helping her brother with his too. 

If you have any questions, or if you want to let me know how you're getting on, then please email me!

31st March

Good morning, Year One! I hope you're all having fun with lots of different activities. Remember that Phonics Play is available to help with your reading, especially to practise the different sounds - I know some of you have been using it already, and have been making some funny sentences! 


Look at these amazing elephants made out of empty milk bottles and different materials! Elmer the Elephant would be very proud. Elyssa's been getting very creative and has made a beautiful rainbow heart. She's also been on a nature walk and used what she found to make a lovely picture, and drawn a picture of a fly - she's even labelled it! Ella's been keeping busy too. She's made a super Katie Morag cart, so Katie Morag can carry her cakes around in 'Baking Day Secret'. It looks great, Ella, well done! She's also made a wonderful picture for all the nurses and doctors to make them smile. What a lovely idea! 

It's great to see what you're up to at home, there are so many wonderful activities going on! 

1st April

Good morning, Year One! I've had some more pictures sent in to me of what you've been getting up to - you're all so creative, it's great to see the different things you've been doing! Erin's been working really hard on her work, but she's been doing other activities too. She's written a lovely story, and has thought really carefully her finger spaces and her sounds. Well done Erin! She's also done some yummy baking with her brother. Amara's hunted around the house for 3D shapes and has been investigating the different weights of packets in her cupboards - and the artwork she's painted is wonderful! Megan's taken such care with her creation. She's made a dreamcatcher, and has decorated it beautifully! If you have anything you want to share with the class, send me your pictures or let me know what you've been up to. Stay safe and have fun! 

2nd April

Good morning, Year One! There are some more Numbots certificates for me to put up today - I can see lots of you have been having a really good try at Numbots, well done! 

Charlie's been working hard, as you can see in the picture - he's been concentrating on his handwriting and his spelling, and he's doing a great job. Keep it up, Charlie! He's also made a beautiful rainbow, which looks lovely. He's not the only hard working Charlie, either! Charlie's also been doing a fab job with his work. Well done! And that sleepover with his brother looks like a lot of fun - I wonder if anyone else has been having lounge sleepovers? 

3rd April

Good morning, Year One! You've all had such a busy two weeks, not just with your Home Learning Packs but with all the other brilliant activities and projects you've been doing at home! Elyssa's sent in some lovely pictures of her being an archaeologist looking for fossils - how exciting! Tilly's been busy too. She's made her Katie Morag cart and it looks great!

You've all worked so hard, and I'm very proud of all of you. I hope you all have a lovely Easter - stay safe, and have fun! 
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