Week Beginning 23rd March

23rd March 

Hello Year 4,


I hope you have all had a lovely weekend and are ready to start your home learning packs. Today you will need to complete all of the activities labelled number 1. You only need to read the ‘Heavenly Hot Cross Buns’ text but if you would like to, you can look up any words you don’t understand and write their definitions in your green exercise book. I want to see all of the hard work that you are doing so please send through any examples that you wish to share using your parent’s email address.


Miss Chuchla

Freddie enjoyed his reading text so much that he decided to make his own hot cross buns and eat them around the campfire. Fantastic work!

As well as completing all of her home learning activities, Iris has written her own climate change poem. What an amazing piece of writing Iris, keep up the great work!

Tuesday 24th March 

Good morning Year 4, 


I hope everyone managed to complete day 1 of their learning packs yesterday. I have already received photos of the great work that you have all been doing so keep it up. Today you will need to complete all of the activities labelled number 2. Remember to write your work in the exercise books provided. Please send through any work that you are proud of even if you would rather that it didn't go onto the website.


Miss Chuchla 

Iris had her own personal masterclass morning this morning. She spent her computing lesson typing up her climate change poem and even added some very powerful images. Iris has also spent the afternoon researching artists who have painted or drawn daffodils. She evaluated the pieces of artwork and created a document to represent all of the work she had done!

Wednesday 25th March

Morgan has been working extremely hard at home this week and has spent some time practising his sketching. He has produced an extremely detailed drawing which even includes some beautiful shading (a very tricky skill to master).

Freddie has completed one of the extra activities from his pack. He has created a magazine holder out of an old cereal box to store all of his school work in. What a clever idea!

Friday 27th March

Jack has been very busy baking some marshmallow and M&M cakes. They look absolutely delicious!

Wow! Sophie has cut out lots of colourful butterflies and carefully placed them on the window to create a beautiful rainbow. I imagine that everyone walking past will really appreciate seeing this and I'm sure it will brighten up their day. Sophie even had time to create her own non-chronological report on penguins which is full of fascinating facts. She has carefully presented her work in a word document with pictures. Well done Sophie for working so hard to complete one of the extra activities!

It looks like Filip has had a great week! He has had his own masterclass morning which involved some baking and gardening. I can see that your gardening skills are coming along nicely Filip!

Edward has been working hard to complete the daily tasks in his home learning pack. Keep up the fantastic work!

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