Week Beginning 20th April

20th April

Good morning Year One, and welcome back! I hope you've all had a lovely Easter, and have been up to some very exciting things - I'd love to hear about them. At the top of this page are the links for the next two weeks of work. There are plenty of activities for you to be doing, as well as some extra ideas linked to our new Theme - 'Buckets and Spades'. If there is any work you'd like to share, or extra projects you've been doing, both myself and Mrs Reynolds would love to hear from you. Please let me know if you have any questions, or get stuck on any of the work. 


I've had some photos sent to me of activities from before and during Easter. Brodie's been very busy - he's worked hard on his phonics, and has also made a super Katie Morag cart! Millie's put on an exciting puppet show, retelling the story of The Three Little Pigs. I bet it was brilliant! 

21st April

Good morning Year One. By now you should have started on your Summer Term learning - I can see lots of you have been doing a great job on MyMaths, so well done. Remember that Numbots is there to support you with your maths as well! Beren did a great job yesterday on his walk yesterday. He used the science vocabulary list to look for different parts of plants - and I can see he found loads! Well done, Beren! 

22nd April

Good morning Year One. It's been lovely to see what so many of you have been up to. Lots of you have been thinking about our topics this half term and there's been some super extra projects! Austin planted a pumpkin seed and is watching it grow as part of our Science topic - it's already looking great. Elyssa has been busy designing her postcard as part of the writing task. I can see you've been working hard! Elliot's worked on some extra projects. He's been researching lots of different things, including volcanoes and has been creative with Lego. Megan's made a very yummy beach cake - perfect for Theme! 

23rd April

Good morning Year One. I'm glad that so many of you are having a go at the new home learning and finding exciting things to do with our Theme and different topics! Tilly's drawn a beautiful picture of rosemary. She's been so careful in her observations! Charlie has been very busy this week. He's written a lovely postcard and tried really hard with his handwriting - well done! He's also found lots of different plants and labelled them. Megan's been taking care of her bees this week and it looks like she's been doing a great job! 

Here are the Numbot certificates for this week - well done all of you who have been having a go! You've been doing a super job. 

24th April

Good morning Year One. It's been lovely to hear from so many of you about all the fun things you've been getting up to and to see such brilliant examples of your work! Abigail's been researching a seaside resort - she's chosen Blackpool and has done a super job! Ella has been working hard on her Science. She's spotted loads of them and has drawn some beautiful pictures of them. Well done everyone for your hard work this week! I hope you have a lovely weekend - stay safe and have fun! 

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