Week Beginning 18th May

18th May

Good morning Year One. I hope you've all had a lovely weekend and have been getting up to some exciting things. I've had some brilliant photos in! Beren has been learning more about Stephenson's rocket - he's been labelling all the parts and has created a fab model of it! Ella created her own set of binoculars after learning what they're used for and has been helping to make a pond where she can watch the plants and any wildlife. Elliot has been working hard on his fact file about George Stephenson. He's also drawn a lovely picture of a tulip and has labelled all the different parts of it. Rosie's also done a great fact file on George Stephenson! Elyssa has been creating her own super railways and working on her reading comprehension!

19th May

Good morning Year One. I hope you're all getting on well with the work - if you have any questions or get a bit stuck, then please email me. Have any of you been reading anything exciting recently? If you have any books you'd like to share with everyone else, send in a picture or a review for our Reading Corner! I've had some more photos sent in to me today. Elyssa has been working hard on her writing and has written about a crocodile at the zoo. She's used some brilliant exclamation marks in her writing! Joshua has been enjoying the online stories that teachers have been doing for you. Which ones have you enjoyed? 

20th May

Good morning Year One. I hope you're all getting on well with the work and enjoying the extra things that you're doing. Amara has been doing lots of exciting science experiments at home - this week she's been learning about water density! She's also created a beautiful picture using paint. 

21st May

Good morning Year One. It was lovely to speak to some of you yesterday and hear what you've been getting up to while at home! You've all been doing such different things and lots of you have been making the most of the sunshine. Charlie's been experimenting with mud and making mud pies - adding water to make them and sometimes putting in parts of plants! 

22nd May

Good morning Year One. I hope you've all had a lovely, busy week! I've had some more pictures of the brilliant things you've been getting up to, and there's a new book review for our Reading Corner too! Rosie has been working on her reading and handwriting and has done a great job with it. She's been trying so hard with her writing and it looks amazing! Elliot's had a fun week as it's been his birthday! He's also done a super job with his Theme work. Ella's been working with her family to create a fab Punch and Judy show using socks! She's not the only one - Leah's also been retelling the Punch and Judy show, and has done an amazing job! Well done all of you - you've all worked so hard these past few weeks and I hope you have a lovely half term. 

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