Week Beginning 11th May

11th May

Good morning Year One. I hope you all had a good weekend - I know some of you have been celebrating VE Day! There's been lots of brilliant work sent in to me and it's so lovely to see everything you've all been up to. Ella's been keeping a super diary with lots of details about what she's been doing at home. For the writing task last week, Leah decided that she would write a recipe for biscuits and then follow it - they look so yummy! Lexi-Mai has been working really hard on her reading tasks and created a great fact-file about VE Day. Rosie's also been working hard on her comprehension and has been working especially hard on her writing which looks very neat! Beren and his sister decided to decorate their house with red, white and blue chalk to celebrate VE Day - it looks amazing! 

12th May

Good morning Year One. I hope all of you have been getting on well with the new work for this week - if you have any problems or get stuck then let me know. I know some of you have been listening to our online stories for you! Which one's your favourite? Why don't you let me know for our Reading Corner, or send a review for a book that you're reading! Rosie's been working hard on her split digraphs this week and has been doing a great job. Well done, Rosie! 

13th May

Good morning Year One. I've had some more wonderful pictures sent to me of the work that you're doing and of the extra activities you're keeping busy with! Elyssa has done a brilliant job answering questions from the Theme work this week. She's also been working hard at creating and completing wordsearches as well as True or False questions - what a great idea! Ella's been working on a project of her own. She's been watching caterpillars turn into butterflies and has done a superstar job at writing all about it! 

14th May

Good morning Year One. What great work you've all been up to! You've all been doing brilliant things at home and have been trying your best, so well done to all of you. Iris has made a fantastic beach diorama which looks great! First she made a diagram of what it would look like and a list of her materials, then she made it - she even used real sand. Charlie has been working really hard and has done a fab job with his writing! He's also been doing some plant work and has carefully labelled the leaves that he's found. Rosie's also been doing some work with plants. She's been planting some seeds and did a really detailed picture of a tree labelling all its parts! 

15th May

Good morning Year One. What a busy week you've all had! It's been lovely to hear what you've been getting up to and I've really enjoyed all your photos. Elyssa has sent a picture of the super flag she carefully painted for VE Day. She has also been making perfume from herbs in the garden and wrote a brilliant set of instructions! Leah's been working hard on her fact-file for George Stephenson and has made an amazing seaside collage from magazines and coloured paper. What a great idea! Erin's done a fab job with her writing and has done some wonderful measuring. She's also found loads of leaves on her tree hunt! Well done all of you. I hope you have a lovely weekend - stay safe and have fun! 

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