W/C 01.06.20

Leo has continued to carry out some rainbow experiments - look at the flowers! He has also done a fantastic painting of a monkey and written some great labels. Look at all the flowers on his broad bean plant. Do you think the beans will start to grow soon?

Luke has been looking at life processes and has produced some great writing. He has also had a go at making some pirate biscuits. It's great to see him working on his maths skills - counting on and back.

Vincent has had a busy week! He has made his own 3D cube out of a net, labelled different body parts, made a fantastic lego crab and played pirate battleships with his brother. He has also written about a tractor he saw from his garden and written about the moths he has observed in his moth trap.

Ethan has been working on his writing this week. He has been adding labels to pictures and is trying hard with his free writing. Ethan has been doing lots of maths work - he even did some pirate maths! Ethan has been enjoying a roll and read word game too.

Olivia has made a great start with our pirate topic. She learnt about Grace O'Malley and has made a treasure chest and a pirate map. Olivia has continued to work on her knowledge of the alphabet as well as the sounds each letter makes. She has continued to take care of her bean plant and has updated her bean diary too.

Emma has been doing some pirate research - her brother has shared one of his reading books with her. Emma has also been working hard on addition and subtraction sentences. She has been counting on and back with her fingers. Emma has also learnt to ride her bike without stabilisers. We are very proud of you, Emma!

Amelie loves our new pirate topic. She has made her own treasure chest and has made a message in a bottle. She created her own river and used a straw to try and move her boat on the water. Amelie has also been using her senses to explore sand, coconut, and pineapple!

Chloe has looked at the different body parts of a human and labelled them carefully. She has done this for a fish too. Chloe has been enjoying making mosaic art. She also played a trick on her family with her broad bean plant. Can anyone see what she did?

Alfie has been thoroughly enjoying our new pirate topic. Look at the fantastic telescope he has made. What do you think Alfie could see when he looked through his telescope? Alfie has also been playing lots of different board games to help with his maths skills of counting on. Look at the size of his bean plant!

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