W/C 18.05.20

Luke has been thinking about words related to water and has also done some writing about rain. He has enjoyed making giant bubbles too! Luke has made another dinosaur information poster about a stegosaurus and has done some fantastic writing about his new puppy.

Olivia has thought about what lives under the sea. She has made some puppets and created her own puppet show. She has also made a pair of octopus - what do you think she used? Olivia has also carried out a floating and sinking experiment and recorded her results carefully. Olivia has also learnt to tell the time - well done!

Vincent has used his moth identification guide to help draw all of these different moths. Which is your favourite? He attempted the PE cricket challenge and has continued to make fantastic hama bead designs. Vincent has planted lots of different seeds that he found in different fruits and vegetables. Which do you think will grow first?

Dia has been working really hard on her maths. She has been solving addition and subtraction sums and recording number sentences. Great job, Dia!

Emma and her brother weighed and measured the ingredients for a banana bread - doesn't it look yummy! Emma also decided to count all of the tiles on her kitchen floor. She wrote numbers 1-100 and then put one number on each tile. What a good idea!

Jasper enjoyed colour mixing with paint. He then froze the paint and had a go at painting with it. Jasper has also been doing some leaf rubbing. Isn't there a lot of detail on each leaf?

Beatrice half filled a bottle with water, put it in the freezer and then checked on it to observe how the ice was forming. She has also created food tin labels with minibeasts on them and used them to help count forwards and backwards.

Alice has made a giant robot - what do you think it's called? She has been exploring oobleck and has re-told the story of Jack and the Beanstalk. Alice is aiming to run the distance of a marathon and has already run 14km. Great job, Alice!

Chloe investigated objects that float and sink and has recorded her results. She has created an information poster about Earth. Chloe and her sister learnt how to make sushi - it looks yummy! They have done an online art class and created Mondrian inspired artwork.

Look what has happened at Amelie's house... What an exciting start to the week!

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