W/C 11.05.20

Luke has done a fantastic picture and some information writing about a parasaurolophus. He has also made an ocean picture and has been learning the days of the week. Great writing, Luke!

Ethan has been enjoying our water topic. He explored ice boats and how they floated. He also investigated other objects to see which would float and which would sink. Ethan made a paddle boat with a propeller and enjoyed watching it travel in the water. He also made bounce pads using tins and balloons. It looks like great fun!

Beatrice has been exploring Monet's water lily paintings and had a go at re-creating one herself. It looks amazing, Beatrice - well done! She has also looked at watery habitats and what might live in them. Beatrice has also been listening to water inspired music and describing what she can hear.

Alice has continued her water investigations by making huge bubble wands - look at the different shapes they have made. She has also brought stickmen to life using water. Alice has made potions, lanterns and big monster mouths too!

Vincent helped to clear out the tins cupboard in the kitchen. He carefully recorded all of the tins and how many there were of each one. He did lots of measuring too! Vincent joined in with his sister's online music class. Look what else he has found this week...

Amelie has enjoyed the White Rose spider maths this week. She made a big spiders web to see how many spiders she could catch! Amelie made her own owlet costume - it looks fab! Amelie has carried out an experiment with floating letters too.

Ben created a volcano this week - look at it erupting! He has kindly written instructions in case anyone would like to have a go at making one. Ben has also painted a picture of a volcano and has labelled it carefully too.

Jasper has continued to work really hard on his letter formation. It is fantastic to see how much progress you are making, Jasper - well done! I love the boat that you have made too. Did you test it to see if it would float?

This week, Olivia has learnt how people get their water in some other countries. She had a go at transporting water from a well to her house - she carried it on her head and it made her very tired out. Olivia also made a poster about the importance of washing your hands. She created a puppet show to help explain this message. Olivia enjoyed a VE day picnic and has made biscuits using the tablespoon biscuit recipe that we sent home for you all.

Chloe is very pleased with her beans - look at all of those flowers! Chloe has also been investigating water when it is left in different locations and at different temperatures. Great job, Chloe!

The cocoon that Jensen was watching carefully has changed! Can you spot what is in its place? Jensen has drawn the life cycle of a moth.

Vincent has been thinking about plants that we eat. He has drawn them and used his phonics knowledge to write labels for each plant.

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