W/C 5 04.05.20

Leo has been investigating objects that float and sink. He has also made a yummy looking bread and butter pudding. Leo has written the recipe out in case anyone else wants to have a go at making it. Leo has been enjoying playing the phonics play games and has used a ruler to measure his beans. Leo has enjoyed making crystals using his rainbow lab. It would be interesting to see what they look like, wouldn't it?

Alice made a river in her garden and learnt how the rain started the river. She also learnt how dams are formed. Alice made a telephone out of cups and string. She also did some leaf rubbings from the leaves she found on a leaf hunt.

Luke has learnt about the life cycle of a sunflower. He has researched pufferfish and created a fact sheet about them. He has built a dam out of lego and tested which objects would make good bouncing bombs. He has made some VE bunting day too.

Amelie has set up a VE day cafe - what a shame we can't all visit! She has been working hard on her maths skills and has been having a go at making number sentences. Amelie is waiting for her butterflies to hatch - hopefully she won't have to wait too long!

Olivia has thought about different bodies of water - she has drawn and written about each one. She washed her dolls' clothes and hung them to dry in the sunshine. Can anyone spot what she has hung them on? She also collected different coloured items from around her house and created this beautiful rainbow. Olivia also made a bird feeder using a toilet roll and has written the instructions in case anyone else wants to make one.

Vincent is very pleased to spotted flowers growing on his bean plant. He has been monitoring their growth very carefully. Vincent managed to catch a moth in his moth trap - isn't it fascinating to be able to see it close up? Vincent collected information on cars going past on the main road. He then created a graph to show what he had seen. He has also made his own tricky word dice game.

Olsen has been learning all about VE day this week. He has also been enjoying the White Rose maths work based on The Very Hungry Caterpillar. He carried out a survey to find out what everyone's favourite fruit is.

Beatrice enjoyed listening to our stories and decided to have a go at making her own Bog Baby - he looks fantastic! Perhaps Beatrice will share the instructions with us in case anyone else would like to have a go at making one. She has also been preparing for VE day celebrations too.

Emma has done lots of water activities this week. She has continued to learn about the water cycle, has tried to free some of her toys from blocks of ice and has played some water instruments. Do you think they all made different sounds? She has also made some lemon water using lemon balm from her garden. Emma has been getting ready for VE day too.

Ethan has created a dinosaur skeleton by putting all of the bones in the correct place. Can you tell which dinosaur he is creating? He has also carried out a cloud investigation and has made some VE bunting too. Ethan has also drawn around himself in order to send his Nanny a hug. Would anybody else like to do that?

Jensen has been very busy taking care of his plants. He found a caterpillar in his garden and made a home for it. He has been feeding it and is hoping it will turn into a beautiful butterfly. Do you think it will?

Luke has continued to work on his bean diary. He has also learnt about the different parts of a flower. Luke has enjoyed painting and has even used frozen paint. Who else would like to try that?

Chloe has carried out an investigation about dissolving. She has presented her results very carefully. Chloe has written a letter to herself - this will be very interesting for her to look back on in the future. Chloe also made a card for Tom Moore and has made a flag for VE day. Has anyone else made any bunting or flags?

Ben's auntie has been setting him maths challenges using items he has collected on his daily walk. Has anyone else collected anything interesting on their walk? It can be fun to use these to help with your number work. Ben has also had a go at the cloud investigation too.

Beatrice has found out about why we need water and where it comes from. She has written a poem that includes lots of information. Would anyone else like to write a water poem? Beatrice has also been reading Tiddler and has done a great picture of him!

Archie has been busy finding out about animals that live in water. He has also made a boat out of junk modelling. Archie has been feeding squirrels on his daily walk. What do you think he gave them to eat? It is lovely to see Archie working with his big sisters.

Ted has been busy baking. Look at his yummy looking cake! Has anyone else done any baking today? He has also made his own grass head. Perhaps Ted might share the instructions for how to make one and then we could all have a go at making one.

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