W/C 27.04.20

David has been hunting for bugs - his favourite is the ladybird. What is your favourite? He has been cooking with his sister and has been enjoying reading ebooks online. David has made a very thoughtful picture message for the teachers too. Thank you, David!

Ethan has been riding his bike in the fields - he has been trying to spot our butterflies too. He created a vets and had a go at reading the names of different body parts - what a great idea! Ethan has also made a green cake! Who would like to try it?

Ted has been really enjoying creating mosaic pictures using sticky tiles. Here is his dinosaur. Ted has also worked with his brother and sister to make an army tank. We are looking forward to seeing a finished picture.

Chloe has completed her bean diary this week. Now she needs to wait for it to flower and then the beans will grow. Chloe has also continued to work on her tricky words.

Jasper has been working really hard on his pencil control and letter formation. He has been trying really hard to focus on his formation when he is writing sentences too. We are really proud of you, Jasper.

Olivia has continued to enjoy our water topic. She made beautiful rain mobiles with her sister. She carried out a cloud investigation using shaving foam and coloured water. Perhaps she might write the instructions so that other people can have a go. Olivia was keen to share this water book with everyone too. Its called The Little Raindrop by Joanna Gray. Olivia has continued to work on her bean diary and has been plotting their growth.

Emma has continued to do lots of water activities and has learnt a song to help her learn the water cycle. You all might like to have a go at learning it. Emma has enjoyed splashing in the puddles. She has changed the colour of her hair by using tissue paper to dye the ends of her hair pink! Emma and her brother have created a fantastic marble run out of junk modelling. Would anybody else like to have a go at making one?

Alice has been working hard at home. She has been helping out around the house. I hope you are all doing that! Alice has been doing lots of gardening and has planted her bean outside - look how tall it is! Has anybody else planted their bean plant outside yet? Alice had to try and free some of her toys because they were stuck in ice!

Beatrice has been working with her sister on her Egypt topic. They made papyrus paper and Bea found our how to write her name in hieroglyphics. She has written the instructions too so that other people can have a go if they want to.

Vincent has been measuring rainfall - we have had a lot! He has been continuing to care for his beans and has completed his bean diary. He has enjoyed a new game of hitting tricky words to help him learn them. Vincent has been enjoying creating Hama bead creations - does anyone else like Hama beads?

Amelie has been carrying out lots of science investigations - she has made her own rain cloud and a water cycle bag too. Amelie has her own caterpillars at home. Do you think they will be the same as our class caterpillars? She has also made a toy surprise soap and has written the instructions in case anyone else would like to have a go, Thanks, Amelie!

Alfie has been getting stuck in to our water topic. He made a boat and then tested it to see if it would float or sink. He also experimented with different levels of water and the sound they make. Alfie has also been caring for his bean.

Beatrice has carried out an investigation to find out which objects float and which sink. She made predictions about each object before testing them in the water. She has then recorded her results in a table.

Olsen made some jelly to trap the evil pea - he managed to trap some sweets too! He also built a boat and tested to see if it would float or sink? Has anybody else had a go at doing this?

Dia has been using a ruler to measure her beans and monitor their growth. She has looked at the different parts of a plant and has labelled them too. Dia has been learning about the water cycle as well.

Chloe's beans are doing really well. How tall do you think they are? She has been working really hard on her reading, writing and maths and has been practising writing her tricky words.

Ben has been really busy in his garden and has been helping his mum with her gardening work. He has been perfecting his bike skills too - who else has been busy on their bikes? Ben has been doing lots of experiments and has been doing a daily drawing class online. He has written a letter to the mountain bike rider Danny Mckaskill. Do you think he will write back to Ben?

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