W/C 20.04.20

Ethan has created a giant dinosaur land - which dinosaurs can you spot? He has also been practising his letters, numbers and shapes too.

Luke and his brother created a huge chalk water cycle to help them understand it and has explored floating and sinking. He has made a bug hotel and a bee hotel. Luke has been enjoying PE in his garden and has been busy baking too.

Olivia has been doing lots of water activities. She thought about lots of words that she associates with water. She has investigated what happens when water is frozen and explored the ice as it melted. Olivia has been using pasta to help with her maths work and has written a lovely letter too.

Jasper has been making predictions about how many of a particular thing he will see - dogs, butterflies, bees, people... He has then been counting them as he walks along. Jasper has been reading to his Grandma over video call each day - she is very impressed with his reading.

Bobby has been working hard on his reading, writing and shape work. He has also been looking after his beans and helping them to grow. It would be great if you all had a go at measuring your beans. Bobby has also given himself a haircut!

Alice has used water to put out chalk fires in her garden. She has used water to make musical water cups. Alice has been very creative and has made toilet roll racers and a beautiful birthday card for Beatrice. She has also written her bubble cup instructions for us in case anyone would like to give it a try.

Leo F has written a fantastic story. We think the main characters were very brave to chase the bad guy - don't you? Do you think they might get up to any more adventures? We wonder if anyone else would like to write a story with Mrs Gott, Miss Hanton and Mrs Bowen in it?

Vincent spotted a red kite over the field and decided to have a go at drawing some red kites. Have a look at Vincent's giant beans. Do you think they will grow to be as tall as him? He has been enjoying lots of water exploration and managed to freeze the evil pea! Great job, Vincent.

Jensen has had a haircut from a very special hairdresser - we think his mummy did a great job! It was lovely to receive a letter from Jensen too. Just look at his fantastic rainbow house. Who else would like to make their house look like this?

Emma has found a good way to practise her phonics and tricky words. She has been doing lots of water activities - looking at floating and sinking, the water cycle and water in different states. She has written us a lovely letter too. We wonder if anyone else would like to write us a letter or an email. We'd love to read them as we really miss you all!

Amelie has got straight into our new topic - water. She has been exploring floating/sinking and has made a water run using her marble run. Amelie made frozen paint and observed how it changed as she painted. Amelie thought about living things that need water and put some out for a snail that she had found.

Wow! Look how tall Olly's beans are. Can anyone guess how tall they are? He has been doing a great job with his bean diary too.

Chloe has been looking after her beans really well too - look how tall they have grown. What have you all been doing to help your beans grow? We can't wait to read your bean diaries. Chloe has also been thinking about the water that humans need.

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