W/C 30.03.20

Look how well Miloh's beans are growing! Miloh has been playing lots of number games. He has been helping his Grandad with some painting and has been taking good care of his guinea pig too. Miloh has baked and decorated a yummy looking chocolate cake - who would like a slice?

Charlotte has been working really hard with counting to 20. She has been practising her letter formation too.

Leo has written a great book review. He has had a go at the number flowers and has also been learning how to play Mancala. Leo has been busy cooking this week too - banana bread, rosemary and garlic bread rolls and pizza!

We have another robot! Ethan has used lots of recycled materials to make his robot. He has also made a great looking bird feeder. Look at the way in which Ethan is learning his tricky words. We wonder who else might like to have a go at doing that?

Beatrice has been making the most of her daily exercise and has been down to the brook. She has been on a shape hunt and has completed a tally chart for the shapes she found. Beatrice has written a book review that you might be interested to read.

Olivia has been baking again - her cakes look yummy! Her bean is growing and she has recorded its progress in her bean diary. She has also made a fantastic 'love monster'. Olivia found a daffodil in her garden, she painted it and then she had a go at dissecting it. Who else would like to investigate this?

Bobby has made the biscuits following the recipe we sent home and has planted his beans. He has also been doing lots of PE in his garden too!

Look at all the lovely things Luke has been busy doing. He has been working with larger numbers, map reading on his daily walk, making Easter biscuits, drawing and labelling dinosaurs - including this amazing Pachycephalosaurus. He has also written a book review. It would be lovely to share your book reviews too.

Alice has been doing lots of different activities. She has been looking through her telescope - I wonder what she saw? She has made her own movie, mastering riding her bike and making a bird feeder! Alice has also made bubble cups. We might need the instructions for these!

Jensen has painted some beautiful daffodils! I wonder if anyone else has flowers growing in their garden?

Ben has been measuring himself using books. I wonder how many there are in the pile? He has been drawing a picture of a different bird each day. Here is his kingfisher. It looks amazing, Ben - well done!

Ricardo is making a book about dangerous animals. One of the pages is about cobras. He has created a large blue planet out of melted blue crayons! Ricardo has planted his beans too - he planted two school beans and two from home. Which ones do you think will grow the tallest?

Amelie has been working on her cycling skills this week as part of her daily exercise - it was lovely to see a video of this. Amelie has made props to help her explain the process of the life cycle of a butterfly. She has also had a go at painting a Van Gogh painting. What do you think this painting should be called?

Jensen has created a dinosaur land and has done some fantastic writing about it. He has added grass seeds to it - what do you think will happen?

Vincent collected stones and has been using them during his maths activities. He made playdough worms and then measured them with a ruler. He has also built a worm house! Here is his minibeast project on Moths. Great job, Vincent!

Olly has been working really hard on his number work and has been playing some number games. He has planted his beans. We wonder what your beans will need to grow?

Jasper has made a start on a robot that he is creating. We're looking forward to seeing the finished robot. Jasper has also been busy baking lots of yummy treats - biscuits, bacon and cheese puffs and chocolate butterfly cakes. I wonder if any of you will be doing any Easter baking?

Look at what Alfie has been doing- we think it looks like so much fun. I wonder who else would like a turn? Alfie has also planted his beans. We look forward to seeing how they grow.

Emma made this super unicorn using different shapes. She then wrote down the name of each shape as well as how many she had used of each. She made lots of farm animals out of plasticine and made the biscuits following the recipe in your home learning back. She also created this fabulous mosaic with her brother!

Leo collected lots of natural resources on his daily walk. He used them to create his own 'forest world'. We wonder if anyone else might like to have a go at making something similar with things they find. Leo has also written a book review.

Beatrice has planted her beans and made a start on her bean diary. What a great list of all the equipment needed. Beatrice told us that she thought the caterpillars were getting ready to make their pupa. We asked her to think about what our butterflies might look like when they hatch. She has drawn her prediction. What do you all think they will look like?

Chloe has been word building using magnetic letters. She has also written some fantastic information about giraffes. Chloe has been learning to sew too - she has made a great bag! Can you spot what Chloe has used to make the petals on her flowers?

Look what's happened to Vincent's bean...

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