w.b. 4.4.22

Below are some ideas for home learning this week. If you have any questions please feel free to email and ask.


We will be practicing our recall of halves this week and looking at how halves and doubles are the opposite of each other. If you know your doubles well, you can use them to solve halves too. There is a halving race worksheet with 3 levels of challenge from hard to hardest plus a doubles and halves board game to play. If you're hungry for even more there is a weblink to a game where you can practise quick fire maths including doubles and halves.


Hopefully you have a magnet lying around at home, perhaps in the kitchen or as part of a toy. Discuss magnets with your child and ask what they already know about magnets and what they'd like to find out about them. Explore which objects and materials around the home stick to the magnet and which do not. You could even record your findings on a piece of paper. Then show the statement 'all metals stick to magnets'. Can you and your child plan and carry out an investigation to find out whether this is true or false. Finally pose the question 'what if you had magnets for fingers?' and enjoy the discussion that follows.

Don't forget to warn that magnets should not be used by computers, phones, watches etc.


Practise this week's spelling words and have a quiz to see how well they've been learnt. Whilst you're practising think carefully about your handwriting.


E for Easter activity below.

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