Theme - Geography

This week, we are looking at two important areas of our geography theme.


First, we are looking at which oceans and seas surround the United Kingdom. Using the map of the UK below and either an atlas or maps online, see if you can label the seas and oceans that surround us. Have you ever travelled over or across (or under!) any of them? 


Secondly, we are thinking about where the land meets the sea, at what is called the coast. Look at the images of coastlines on the 'Coast Images' link below. Think about: What is a coast? Does it look the same everywhere? What features can you see?  In the lesson resource, you can see pictures of different types of coastal features to help you.

Have you seen any of these features in real life? What sort of things can you do at the coast? You might want to locate any places that you have visited on the coast on your map of the UK to see which ocean/sea you were near!

Then, follow the 'Geography Games' link to find some interactive puzzles and games labelling features of the coast. You might want to have an adult to sit with you so that you can discuss what you can see and practise using the correct vocabulary. (There are also some great river games under this same link that can help you to recap river vocabulary too!)


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