Theme - Art

This week, we will continue looking at the Impressionist work of Monet - how much can you remember about him and his paintings? Watch the video below to learn more about his unique palette and technique!


Remember that Monet liked to paint an impression of what he saw rather than painting sharp outlines and detail. He also loved to create his art “en plein air” ("in the open air/outside" in French) because he loved to be outside enjoying the natural light and colours.


This week, if you are able, I would like you to create your own artwork of a natural scene. As there is not a lot of light or colour outside at the moment, you might like to use the photos of Monet's very own garden in Giverny in France that inspired many of his paintings (on the lesson presentation) to inspire you. But some of you might decide to head outside to create some art. Whatever you choose, make sure you send me a photo of your artwork so that I can share it on our class page!

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