Theme and Writing

For Theme and Writing this week, you have two activities to choose from! There is also an optional SPaG Easter Mystery if you want to have a go. Please remember to ask an adult to test you on your spellings. 


1) Research a river that is local. Using a map, see if you can identify its source and its mouth. Can you find out how long it is? Where do you think it looks the widest? Can you find out about any landmarks it runs next to or what sort of wildlife is likely to live there? Try to find some pictures that you could sketch and colour, paying attention to the detail. You could spend one day researching, one day drafting your paragraphs and then write up your work adding in the pictures. You could make a leaflet for people who want to visit or a page for a non-fiction book!


2) Choose a book that you enjoy reading (or come up with your own story) and turn it into a play script! Start by identifying the key moments and writing a scene description/character list on the first day. After that, write a few scenes, remembering how to lay out a play script. You can see below for a reminder! You could also draw a picture of your stage and some of the characters on it. 

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