Shackleton's Endurance (Monday)

This week you will be finding out more about Shackleton's adventures on his ship 'Endurance'. You will be using this information to help you write a newspaper report about his adventure. Today, you will be researching important information to help you to write your newspaper report. 


You will need to find out:

1) When did Shackleton's Endurance ship set sail?

2) Who did Shackleton take with him on his ship?

3) How long did Shackleton sail for on his adventure?

4) Where was Shackleton aiming to go with his men?

5) Did Shackleton and his men encounter any problems during their adventures?

6) Can you find any quotes from Shackleton's men about their adventures?


This information will help you to write a newspaper report this week about Shackleton's journey to the Antarctic! We will be thinking about the features of a newspaper report in Tuesday's writing lesson so please focus on collecting this information today (Monday).

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