Monday - Ernest Shackleton Research

This week in Theme, you will be researching a famous polar explorer called Ernest Shackleton. You will be using your research and all of the information you collect to help you with writing a biography all about Shackleton in our Writing lessons this week. You only need to write your research down in notes so think about the key ideas you find when researching.


Remember, this is an important skill to be able to research effectively and we have talked about how to use the internet as an important search engine - we need to make sure we rewrite information in our own words and if we are not sure about whether something is correct or not, we can check it on another webpage/website to see whether we find the same information. This will also help you to pick out the most important information when you write your biography this week.


TASK: Today, you need to research all about Shackleton's life. He famously led three British expeditions to the Antarctic so he is an important person to focus on in our Polar Regions theme! Below, you will find lots of useful websites, videos and a super helpful PowerPoint to give you lots of information about Shackleton - you may want to use some of them but do more of your own research online instead. Can you find any weird and wonderful facts about Shackleton's life to include in your biography?


Ernest Shackleton for Kids

Sir Ernest Shackleton | Full biography of Sir Ernest Shackleton

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