This week in Theme, we are thinking about the incredible journeys that rivers go on from where they start (at their source) to the sea.


I would like you to use Google Maps. You will need an adult to help you to access Google Maps on a laptop, tablet or mobile device.


See if you can find the River Dart in Devon. The green area around it is the Dartmoor National Park. This is high ground and a lot of rain falls here. That is why the river starts here. Find Dartmouth on the south coast and look at the river as it reaches the sea. This is a place called Dartmouth because the place where a river meets the sea is called the mouth.


Can you trace the River Dart all the way from the sea to its source and back again? Make sure you can see the small streams and rivers that join it, winding sections called meanders and its gradual widening as it gets towards the sea!


ACTIVITY: Choose another river in the UK or elsewhere in the world. Find it on Google Maps. Complete the sheet to record what you can see as you follow it from its source to the sea!


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