Week 1: Where are the coldest places on Earth and why are they so cold?

Watch the WWW Arctic film clip: www. (or click on the link above).

‘How do we know this place is cold?’ Write down the parts in the film that show that the place is cold. Challenge: can you find the coldest places on Earth using a globe (emphasise the North and South Poles; mountainous regions; cold deserts) or on Google Earth/ Google images. What are they like and how do you know they are the coldest?

Once you have watched the video, research the answer to these questions:

  • Where are the cold places around the world?
  • Where are the North and South Poles?
  • Why are these areas so cold?
  • What types of ice formations would you find in these areas?


What other facts can you find out about the North and South Pole? Write them down.

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