Buckets and Spades

This term our theme is 'Buckets and Spades', where we'll look at the physical and human features of the coast and compare Victorian seaside resorts with our own. To find out more about the knowledge and skills that will be taught, as well as other activities related to the theme, please have a look at the Summer Term Overview. There you will see the plans for Art and D.T. as well as History and Geography. 

If you are unable to print the activity sheets off, don't worry - Activity 1 can be done in list form, and Activity 2 can be done verbally using the image to help you. 

Ideas for extra activities

Look at different pictures of landscapes and think about foreground, middle ground and background. Draw a picture of a beach. What would you put in the background? What about the middle ground and foreground? 


Plan and make a fruit salad - think about what fruits you would like in your fruit salad and carefully prepare it. Perhaps you could make it for your beach day, or research why we need fruit to stay healthy. You could link it to Science and research what the plants look like. 


Create a picture of a beach scene. Experiment with different textures and styles to make it. Maybe a rubbing of bark or brick could give the rough texture of sand. How could you create the sea? What about any rocks? 

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