Theme - Art

This week you'll be having a go at creating your own Andy Goldsworthy-inspired work. Have another look at the presentation and images from last week to remind you, then try to make your own. Think carefully about the shapes of his artwork and what he uses to make them. 

Theme - Computing

This week, we're going to be using our understanding of search engines to make our own comparisons of Stone Age life and Bronze Age life. After going through the presentation below, use what you know to safely search for information about different aspects of life. Make simple notes to help you remember as you're searching. Remember to look for sites aimed at children and always ask an adult.


Once you've found your information, write a few sentences to compare and draw two pictures (one of a Stone Age settlement, one of a Bronze Age settlement). The Stone Age took place over a long time, so you might want to choose a specific part of it (e.g. Paleolithic). 



  • Shelters - what did they look like/what were they made from?
  • Food - how did they find their food?
  • Tools and weapons - what were they made from?
  • Clothing - what did they wear? 
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