Spellings & Handwriting

Monday 18th January

Words with a long ee sound spelt ie or ei after c (and exceptions)













Watch the powerpoint above and then begin to learn your spellings. You will have another chance to practise your spellings on Wednesday and you will need to ask an adult to test you on Friday. Good luck

Tuesday 19th January

Click on the link below, scoll down until you come to the Continuous Cursive Letter - bottom to e joins section. 


Watch each animation in turn and then carefully copy the letter join 10 times. When you have done this, repeat with the next letter join  - watch the animation and copy 10 times. Continue until you have completed all the top e letter joins.  Write down 4 words which contain each of the letter joins.


Next, choose one word from each section and write a sentence for each.. Try and think of interesting sentences which begin in a different way and contain a range of punctuation. Try and make interesting vocabulary choices to engage, and ensure your handwriting is well presented


Wednesday 20th January

Have another go at practising your spellings. You could use the strategy look, cover, write, check to practise them by yourself. See if you can find your spelling words in the wordsearch below.

Today, I would like you to copy out the poem above in your neatest handwriting, focusing on your letter joins. I have chosen this poem as, hopefully, it will put a smile on your face!

Friday 22nd January

Spelling test day. Please ask a parent to test you on your spellings today - it would be great to hear how well you got on!

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