This week the lesson is about presenting data in graphs and charts.  Choose one strand of data to present in two different graphs and compare which is most effective.  Choose your challenge.  


Challenge 1

Look at the data for growth of babies below - plot the ages along the x (horizontal) axis and the height along the y (vertical) axis.  You need to plot a bar graph and a line graph and compare them.  Don't forget labels to show what each axis is showing and titles for your graphs.


Challenge 2

Compare the height or weight of boys and girls in a bar chart and a line graph.  You will need to plot two bars or lines in different colours to show the different data for boys and girls.  Remember to include a key so you know what each colour represents.  Don't forget labels and titles.  


For both challenges there is an additional sheet for you to record what the data is telling you - what you have found out from the data. 

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