Our new science topic is Living Things and their Habitats. We will upload one lesson each week. For each lesson there is a powerpoint presentation, which the children will need help reading and understanding, and activity worksheets. If you do not have access to a printer we believe your child will still be able to do the activities using paper/notebook and pencils/pens.

We have saved the powerpoint presentations as both shows and pdfs so if you don’t have Microsoft Powerpoint installed you will still be able to view the content on a pdf. Please note viewing as a pdf will be less interactive.

For lessons 2 and 4, if possible, the children will need to go for a walk and find a local habitat (pond, woodland, etc) and then a micro habitat (tree, upturned stone, woodland floor, etc) to explore. If this is not possible please help your child to complete as much of the powerpoint presentation and activities as they are able to.

We have also uploaded a subject knowledge overview for the topic which may be helpful as we work through the half term.

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