We'll be continuing our work on rocks by looking at fossils and how they are formed. Fossils are only found in sedimentary rock (that's the one with the layers) - see if you can remember why at the end of the lesson!


There's a presentation and ordering activity to help you with the fossilisation process, as well as a video for you to watch. After that, there are a few activities for you to choose from depending on what is available to you - you can make your own fossil, research an important figure or create some sedimentary layers with 'fossils' sprinkled in. 

Watch the video below to help you and have a go at the quick quiz.

Can you remember why fossils are found in sedimentary rock? 


You can now choose between the following:

A) Making dinosaur fossils

B) Research Mary Anning and record your information in some way - you could film yourself or make a poster! The link below is a good starting point. 

C) Create your own sedimentary layers! Using a clear glass or jar and some different substances to layer (e.g. sugar, coffee, sand, rocks etc), you can show the layers of the earth. Start by sprinkling some of the finer substances first, then build up to the thicker ones such as rocks. As you layer, put small objects in the glass such as plastic creatures. What does this tell you about the age of the fossils in the ground? Are the ones at the top or the bottom the oldest? 

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