Working Scientifically

This half term, we are looking at 'Working Scientifically' and will complete different investigations that explore the different scientific skills expected in Year One. We include these skills throughout the year but also have a few weeks dedicated to stand-alone investigations. These investigations aren't themed or on the same topic, but instead focus on exploring all the different skills. 


Before you start, discuss what our world would be like if all plants were exactly the same? 


There are two investigations for you to choose from this week. Each of them develops the children's ability to 'perform simple tests' and 'gather and record data'. Before completing the investigation you have chosen, please write a sentence explaining what you think will happen in the investigation. 


Make sure that you are watching closely to observe what happens as well as keeping an eye on the stopwatch. You might need an adult to help you with the time. Describe to a grown up what is happening then write down your observations (or ask them to write it for you - that's fine for this part). Once the investigation has finished, write a brief sentence explaining which was the best method and how you know. 


Are there any other questions or thoughts you have about what happened? Talk to your grown ups about any changes you could make to the investigation. If you are able, make these changes and try the investigation again - record if it makes a difference or not! 

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