Seasonal Changes

This week we will be thinking about seasonal changes. Last term, we thought about Autumn and now we will think about Winter.


Watch the video below to learn more about why we have the four different seasons

Look for a deciduous tree (a tree which sheds its leaves seasonally) when out on your walk. If possible, have a photograph taken in front of the tree. If this isn’t possible, then you can draw a picture of the tree.


I have taken a picture of the tree on our playground. You can use that if you would prefer. 

Think about the winter changes. Start by thinking about the weather. Is it rainy, cold, icy, windy…? We wear clothes to keep us comfortable in each season. What clothing do you need to wear when you are outside? What changes can you see on the trees compared to how they looked in Autumn? Can you find any evidence of minibeasts, creatures or plants?


Record your findings as notes around your photo/drawing on the sheet. You might recognise it from the Autumn activity you did last term.


Mrs Pike introduced you to Fido the dog and what time of day he goes to bed. Do you remember which time of day it was? Use the BBC weather app to see what time sunset will be today. Is it earlier or later than during Autumn? Add this to the record sheet too.

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