Reading Corner

Welcome to the Year One Reading Corner!

I love being able to talk about books with you all and to read stories together, so here is a place where we can all share the books that we're reading. It could be a book that you're reading by yourself, or with your grown ups, or maybe your grown ups are reading it to you! It doesn't have to be a story - maybe it's a poem or a non-fiction book (remember, those are the ones that give you facts and information).


You could take a picture of yourself holding the book and send me a couple of sentences. Maybe you could do a book review - I've put a template below, but you can make your own and choose what information you think should go in it. You might just want to draw a picture of your favourite character or something that you've learnt from the book! I'll be sharing pictures with everyone in our new Reading Corner. 


I'm really excited to hear what you've all been reading - and I'll be letting you know what I've been reading, too! 

Leah's written another super book review, this time about 'Dog at School'! 
Picture 1
Austin has been reading Enid Blyton books and wrote a great book review about them! Have any of you read books by Enid Blyton? 
Beren's written a great book review as well as doing some extra work on his book 'Zog'. 
Leah's done a brilliant job on her book review about 'Kevin the Carrot' - it makes me want to read the book! What about you?
Tilly and April-Grace have both written a great book review for our Reading Corner! Well done, both of you - has anyone else read either of these books?
 I've been reading 'Little Beaver and The Echo' - it's one of my favourite books! It's about a Little Beaver who is all alone on his pond, so he goes to search for a friend. I enjoy this story because it has a happy ending and I also really like the characters in it.
Picture 1
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