As you have all been working so hard on your Reading each week at home, I thought we would try something different this week. This week, our VIPERS questions are not going to be about a text that you can read but about a short film!


Although the medium is slightly different, it is still great practise for us to answer VIPERS comprehension questions about it. On the resource below, there are different points for you to watch the film up to each day and questions for you to answer at each point. There are more questions than usual each day so it is a wonderful opportunity for you to share your answers verbally and then choose 2 or 3 questions each day to write your answer to. 


You will see that at the end of each question, there is a letter or letters. These tell you which comprehension skill you are practising when you are answering it:

V = Vocabulary

I = Interpret

P = Predict

E =Explain

R = Retrieve

S = Summarise


Please look at the question resource before watching the film as you will be watching a part of the film each day. There are questions for you to answer from Monday to Thursday.


On Friday, please spend some time reading for pleasure. You might like to read one of your books from home or maybe an adult can help you find something else online that you might like to read such as a comic for children, poetry or non-fiction information.

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