This week's reading is a poem called ‘Daughter of the Sea’ by Philip Gross.


To read the poem, click on the link to The Children’s Poetry Archive. There, there is a great recording of the poet, Philip Gross, reading his poem. The Archive is a fantastic place to read and hear lots of great poetry on lots of different themes that could inspire you further for our poetry writing this week!


On Monday, watch Ms Brown’s video for her to introduce and read the text. As you listen and read, pick out 5 unfamiliar words. After you have heard the whole poem, find the definitions of these words, in a dictionary or online with an adult’s help, and write them down to make sure you understand the meaning of the poem. After watching the video, you could also practise reading through with an adult or try to read through independently. 


On Tuesday, read the poem through again and then have a look at the VIPERS Questions below and answer the 'V' questions for Vocabulary.


On Wednesday, answer the 'I' questions to Interpret the text.


On Thursday, answer the 'E' questions to Explain more about the text.


On Friday, please spend some time reading for pleasure. You might like to read one of your books from home or maybe an adult can help you find something else online that you might like to read such as a comic for children, poetry or non-fiction information. You might want to have a look at The Children’s Poetry Archive and find a poem to read and perform!


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