Please keep reading daily, as well as completing the tasks below. The page of useful websites has links to reading sites and apps to help. 


There are two comprehension tasks to complete, one of which will take two days. If you are not completing a comprehension task, please continue to practise blending and segmenting by using the games on Phonics Play. 


We also now have an online Reading Corner on our class page - this is a chance for children to share stories, non-fiction and poems that they have been reading at home (or that you have been reading to them). If your child wishes to share anything that they have been reading with the class, they can send in a picture, a drawing or a book review and I'll post it on the page. 


'Plant Features' is a reading comprehension task that will take two days.


On the first day, please read the story to your child. Afterwards, look up definitions of any words your child is unsure of and then reread with new understanding, asking your child to read sentences/words depending on their confidence. 


On the second day, reread the story and move on to the questions. 


Phoneme Spotter is an activity to practise phonics as well as comprehension. 

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